We give back.

Local Community is at the very core of our business ethos. As a small family owned business, we are very keenly aware that without your support we would not exist! As such we believe it is very important to give back as much as possible. We have been heavily involved in setting up Queen Margaret Drive Community.


Community Events


Voluntary Hours


Funds Raised (£)

This group works to improve the G20 Conservation area & prosperity. We work with other heritage groups in the area such as the Scottish Canals, Maryhill Burgh Halls & the Rennie MacKintosh Society. We also work with community groups which include The Sixty Steps Society, North Kelvin Community Council, North Kelvin Meadows, The Children’s Wood & QMD Traders.


QMD Street Festival


For the Student Community, we have set up the QMD Freshers Fair in conjunction with Freshers Week. It gives the students opportunity to become familiar with the local North Kelvin & Maryhill area, businesses & groups.
We value the unique dynamics the students bring to the West End of Glasgow and as such want them to enjoy, connect with & benefit from the local area. Volunteer, heritage & research opportunities are provided by local heritage & community groups.


QMD Freshers Fair


The QMD Traders Association includes 17 local, independant businesses.Its purpose is to give these Businesses a stronger voice by working together. Its success has been shown in the 2 annual Street Festivals held each year & in the improvements made to Oban Lane, which can now be used for community events. It has also proved to be a valuable go to point for the community for any local disruptions, notifications & negotiations with the likes of the Scottish water road closure. We run events, hold fundraisers, do community clean up’s, hold Exhibitions, give talks & organise stalls to help raise awareness . Our ‘One for the Road’ campaign has raised a total of £10K from the Traders Association & Community & attracted funding from Sustran’s to help improve the local area, starting with reinstating natural stone paving on the shopping precinct on QMD.


Oban Lane by Rhonda Fraser


Such is our commitment that our back shop space in the salon has been opened up to all the above local community groups for use as office space. Our Salon Director, Rhonda Fraser, is Chairperson for QMD Traders Association & QMD Community.

QMD Traders supporting Childrens Wood